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In 1781, the French author Court de Gébelin referred to the Tarot as a book  preserving the pure wisdom of ancient Egypt. This is the first written  suggestion that occult wisdom had been encoded in the cards (The Book of Thoth and Tarot cards
are the  same thing!", C. de Gebelin, 1781. "Le Mond Primitif").
French astrologer and cartomancier Etteilla first called his Tarot cards The Book of  Thoth and has published it in 1789.

C.C. Zain in his «Sacred Tarot» (Chapter 3, Scope and Use of the Tarot) has mentioned that:
«Iamblichus, a Neo ? Platonist of the fourth century and an Initiate of the Brotherhood of Light, has left us an important document entitled «An Egyptian Initiation».«At one point in his journey the candidate is stopped before 22 frescoed paintings which picture the 22 Major Arcana of the tarot, and it becomes his duty to commit to memory these pictures, a s well as their symbolism, which is then explained to him». «As these pictures, together with such of their symbolism as is then explained to the neophyte, are fully described by Iamblichus, his work affords an accurate description of the Egyptian Tarot.»

And after that, on part of the translated text called Egyptian Admonition, as "part of the old initiation ceremony" :
«An Egyptian Initiation» was translated from the original MS. into French by P. Christian, and those who have written much of value concerning the tarot have drown heavily upon his translation. In 1901. it was translated in English , for private circulation, by my friend Genevieve Stebbins. And I am indebted to her for permission to use her translation of the description of the Egyptian Tarot.»
This software, "The Egyptian Virtue Tarot", has been inspired by the book «Practical Astrology», that was published 1901. by Edgar de Valcourt ? Vermont, under the pseudonym of Comte C. de Saint Germain. His book reproduced the earlier illustrations of Wegener, and added designs for the Minor Arcana.

Almost all the text (explanations of the cards and their meanings, except The Egyptian admonition) in this software is from the book just mentioned,  «Practical Astrology», and sometimes meanings of the cards are slightly different from later descriptions.
Also, we have integrated so -  called Egyptian Admonitions, given by C. C. Zain***, as highly inspired and prophetic text.
 Although today is more than clear that Tarot as we know it is not of Ancient Egypt origins, we have to conclude together with A. Crowley that ?The origin of Tarot is quite irrelevant, even if it were certain.  It must stand or fall as a system on its own merits,? as he explained in his The Book of Thoth.

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