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Geomancy or Oracle of the Earth is the ancient method of divination, its roots and origin are in Ancient China, Arabia, North Africa, Ancient Greek. After Ancient Rome has appeared in European Medieval. Because of many reasons it has been avoided and other divination and mantic methods have dominated the practice of divination in the recent times. Geomancy is traditionally connected to Element of Earth and was practiced by people living in the desert, using to draw the figures upon a sand.

The Geomantic Figures can be formed by any system that will generate a series of random odd and even numbers. Each figure will be constructed by four rows of marks. In every row can be one or two marks. There are 16 possible combinations of marks. That will do the 16 figures. So the sixteen geomantic figures are (in Latin language): Via, Populus, Puella, Puer, Laetitia, Tristitia, Fortuna Maior, Fortuna Minor, Acquisitio, Coniunctio, Carcer, Albus, Rubeus, Caput Draconis, Cauda Draconis. Each figure relates to correspondent field of activity and problematic and its appearance reflects the related matter.

Here you can download and evaluate our geomantic programm! (2,6 MB)

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System of 16 figures has an unique language which communicates between our brain and our subconsiousness making possible the energy moving through our mind channels. These makes Geomancy one of the simple therapeutic means.

HOW TO USE OUR PROGRAMME Oracle of the Earth?

Our programme is simple medium to show and present the Art of Geomancy in most popular, amusing and interesting way to people interested in it. It has been a very hard work to preserve its immanent and traditional qualities and in the same time to adapt it to requirements of programming. So at the end we have a system of Geomancy that is a little bit traditional, and a little bit modern. The occult statement teaches us that the change is the way of stability and preservation. The intention of authors has been to make the programme for education and fun as much as to aply the ancient method of divination in the most possible popular way. We are aware of limitations of our strength and skills as well as of the imperfectness of our outcome.